Industrial painting

Painting is a process for covering metal and other types of surfaces with an organic film, for decorative and/or protective purposes, to prevent corrosion, environmental and chemical attack.

The pieces to be painted are covered in a layer of epoxy powders (generally containing synthetic resins) which adhere to parts due to electrostatic effect, before being re-fired in special furnaces for the melting and polymerisation of paint which ensures total adherence to parts, with the formation of a compact and resistant coating.

For the purposes of achieving good results in terms of adherence, duration and resistance to corrosion, in painting cycles the preparation or pre-painting phases are crucial and are generally carried out using plants with a sequence of tunnels and/or tanks, in which the following operations are carried out:

  • degreasing
  • pickling
  • phosphating
  • passivation

These operations require the use of water for the rinsing of parts which become polluted and require purification treatments. These treatments can be Open Circuit, in which purified waters are discharged, or Closed Circuit, with the recovery and reuse of water in the process.

For this specific sector, ITALPLANT builds:

Chemical-Physical plants with several flow rates, Ion Exchange Resin plants, where the quality of water produced means it can be reused at final rinsing stages, with enormous benefits to the quality of processes, vacuum Evaporation plants for the processing of waters more heavily loaded with pollutants.