Swimming pools

Swimming pools come in various shapes, sizes and depths and are artificially built to contain fresh or sea water for recreational, therapeutic or water sports purposes.

Pools may have a reinforced concrete, steel or wooden structure and are water-proofed with plastic or ceramic cladding.

They are designed and built in-ground and above-ground.

Pool management must comply with legislation and specific technical regulations, to guarantee the health and safety of all users.

In particular, pool water must be constantly monitored, filtered and sanitised to ensure correct use.

ITALPLANT is present in this sector with a complete range of services for the design and building of parts for the use, correct operation and management of swimming pool water, including:

  • Water filtration and re-circulation plants, necessary for keeping water clear and suitable for swimming in.
  • Instrumentation for checking and dosing chemical reagents for pH, flocculation and clarification, sanitisation and the lowering of bacterial load.
  • Robots and automatic systems for cleaning and aspiration.
  • Accessories such as nozzles and diffusers for the distribution of filtered and sanitised water.
  • Accessories such as access steps, underwater lights for lighting purposes and to create scenic effects, diving boards and slides for fun and entertainment purposes.
  • Accessories such as pumps and air insufflation systems for the creation of counterflows and wave movements.

For the management of all kinds of built pools, our specialised staff provides a full range of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.