Galvanisation and plastic galvanisation

Galvanic processing of metals and plastics generates waste water containing numerous polluting substances.

These waters may be acidic or alkaline, contain numerous heavy metals such as chrome, copper, zinc, nickel, but also cyanides, organic polluting surfactants and more.

Over the years ITALPLANT has built numerous treatment and purification plants for this specific sector, using the finest technologies to create efficient and high-performance plants, to guarantee the best technical results while also focusing on the simplicity of operation and cost containment.

These plants have always been designed and built according to specific client requirements and the characteristics of their processes.

Solutions generally adopted include:

  • Chemical-Physical plants
  • Closed-Circuit processes with water recovery
  • Systems with Ion Exchange Resins in equicurrent and counter-current mode
  • Osmosis membrane and Ultrafiltration systems
  • Heat pump or Hot water Evaporation machines

Our customers always receive support from our technicians for any assistance and operation problems.