Phosphating – Burnishing – Pickling

Phosphating and burnishing are protective chemical processes used for ferrous metals and common steels in general.

Phosphating in particular is a treatment suitable for the chemical coating of iron and iron alloy parts with iron, zinc or manganese phosphate solutions, resulting in a crystalline protective layer which improves resistance to corrosion and paint adhesiveness.

This is why it is widely used in the car sector.

Burnishing is also a chemical treatment which causes the blackening of iron and steel parts to improve their aesthetic appearance and resistance to corrosion.

This type of treatment is extensively used in the weapons and car sector.

ITALPLANT is present in both sectors: we build Chemical Physical treatment plants and for some special applications we install vacuum Evaporators.

Ion Exchange Resin plants are mostly used for the treatment of waters from pre-painting Phosphating processes.

Pickling treatments are chemical processes for the elimination of oxides from the surface of metals.

Pickling baths are generally characterised by the presence of acids in high concentrations.

The most common are Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric and Nitric Acid, which are often mixed together for different applications.

Purification processes built by ITALPLANT are based on Chemical Physical type plants in which the neutralisation treatment of water is important, with the use of alkaline and limewater reagents.

Under specific circumstances, when the values of some compounds like sulphates and/or chlorides are very high, processes are integrated with vacuum Evaporators able to reduce the presence of various compounds to within legal limits.