Foundry / Die-casting

Companies operating in this sector carry out processes which require the fusion of ferrous, non ferrous metals and alloys, to transform them into products of a defined shape: the metal or alloy in a liquid state is cast and then solidifies.

The Foundry industry is a diversified sector which uses a broad variety of plant types, mostly for the car, engineering and construction sectors.

It plays a key role in the recycling and recovery of metals: steel, cast iron and aluminium scrap is recovered and re-cast to create new products.

The environmental impact generated by these processes is mostly due to high levels of energy consumption, the emission of fumes and dusts and the discharge of waters required for cooling and the removal of pieces from moulds, as well as for thermal and hardening treatments.

We have built numerous and efficient applications in this sector.

ITALPLANT builds systems for the recovery and recycling of water using vacuum evaporation processes and machinery, Softening and Osmosis plants for the conditioning and demineralisation of inlet process water.

Waste water treatment occurs in Chemical Physical and Clarification plants, De-oiling and Oil Separation plants.