Electrolytic galvanisation

Electrolytic galvanisation is the process used to coat metal, generally steel, parts in Zinc, to protect them against corrosion and increase durability over time.

Zinc sedimentation is usually completed by a chemical passivation treatment or patinting, to further improve appearance and characteristics.

The galvanisation process can be rack, or barrel for accessories.

Water used in these processes typically presents high levels of pollution due to contamination with acidic and alkaline substances, heavy metals and zinc in particular, as well as cyanide and chromates, if present in the composition of process baths.

Contamination and Pollution are even greater in a barrel cycle, due to the high levels of dragging this process involves.

In this sector, ITALPLANT builds specific plants consisting of a primary chemical physical treatment integrated by plants with ionic exchange resins for the recovery and partial recycling of water, especially of final rinsing.

Over the years we have also built several Closed Circuit plants with the recovery and recycling of process water. This solution is possible thanks to the use of vacuum Evaporation machinery combined with other technologies and systems.

Sludge produced by these types of process is consistent and voluminous, especially for the barrel process, and is compacted and reduced in volume using filter presses.

Over the last few years Zinc/Nickel processes have become increasingly popular and widespread in the automotive sector, for which we build numerous Closed Circuit plants dedicated to the treatment of rinsing water.