Evaporators and Concentrators

The application of an evaporation machine means that distilled water can be obtained from waste solutions deriving from industrial processes, concentrating the solution with the purpose of recovering dissolved salts or simply to reduce disposal volumes (for lower disposal costs).


The distillation process occurs in one or more reactors under vacuum, powered by a heat source (hot water/vapour boilers or heat pumps). Operation in a vacuum means that temperatures required for waste to boil are below 40°C and this enables considerable energy savings for the production of the distilled water.

The distilled water obtained from the evaporation process is pure water, free from salts and pollutants and is therefore suitable for full recycling in production processes. Based on the type and characteristics of treated waste liquid, 97-98% of distilled water can be recovered.


Evaporators provided by ITALPLANT are functional machines, built using latest generation technologies and parts which simplify and reduce maintenance operations for the operator.

Their operation is continuous and fully automated,

both the the loading of liquid and the discharge of concentrate and distilled water, as well as all other functions which are managed by PLC with touch screen panel for the programming and display of functional parameters.


The range of ITALPLANT Evaporation machines includes:

Heat pump evaporators

Sono evaporatori molto compatti e di semplice installazione, alimentati ad energia elettrica, e realizzabili per trattamenti a partire da 250 litri/giorno fino a 10.000 litri/giorno.

Sono composti da un unico reattore di evaporazione all’interno del quale sono installati due scambiatori a serpentino che, alimentati dal sistema a pompa di calore, rendono possibili l’evaporazione e la condensazione del distillato.

Sono macchine efficienti, solide e performanti che produciamo ormai da diversi anni con costanti aggiornamenti e migliorie.

Hot water/vapour evaporators

These machines are powered by hot water or vapour, therefore by external energy sources, generally boilers, cogeneration or heat recovery systems which generate “low cost” or altogether ” free energy.

Hot water/vapour evaporators are multi-phase modular machines which exploit the “thermal cascade” principles between boiling reactors to reduce consumption and therefore operating costs. Indeed with triple effect evaporators, operating costs are cut by 1/3 compared to traditional, single-phase systems. Every single phase is fitted with a tube bundle exchanger, whereas the distilled water condensation phase consists of a condensation tower or a heat convector.


Scraped evaporators

These evaporators can be built using either heat pump technology or hot water/vapour systems and are suitable for the treatment and recovery of particularly viscous or encrusting waste substances, with the aim of obtaining high density concentrate solutions.

Compared to traditional evaporators, there is no immersed exchanger, rather the boiling chamber is free and the exchanger is set inside the external machine structure. This enables the scraping action of blades powered by a gear motor, to keep the heat exchange surface constantly clean and to mix the advanced concentration phase product.

DRY evaporators

these evaporators can be based either on heat pump or hot water/vapour technology. They are suitable for the treatment of high saline content waste and enable concentration into a solid product.

Compared to traditional immersed exchanger evaporators, the boiling chamber is entirely free and the exchanger is externally fitted. If required, they can be fitted with screw feeders to facilitate the extraction processes of dry residue produced.


Evaporators built by ITALPLANT are made from special and noble materials and internally coated with Halar, according to acidity and corrosion characteristics of solutions requiring treatment.