Membrane filtering plants

Over the years ITALPLANT has acquired considerable experience in the application of membrane filter plants, thanks to different installations in various fields of application.

Membrane plants built by ITALPLANT enable the separation of the liquid phase from contained elements. A wide range of plants is provided, according to the degree of filtration required for elements requiring removal.

For industrial applications, the most widespread membrane plants are Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Plants.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Osmosis is a modern water treatment technology based on special semi-permeable membranes through which water can pass but not dissolved substances.

Therefore, the process results in a Permeated substance which is deionised (free from salt) water, obtained from saline water. Water which does not go through the membrane flows along the inner wall, removing salts as they are deposited before being discharged: this water is called Concentrate.

The volume of Permeate produced by the Osmosis process is normally 60-75% of total inlet water and depends on salinity and concentration characteristics of the latter.

The remaining part, the Concentrate, is considerably more saline than inlet water because it contains all the salts and pollutants separated by the membrane.


Based on the type of water requiring treatment (tap water, well water, industrial process water) and desired permeate quality, ITALPLANT uses composite membranes in high quality polyamides, with different technical characteristics which enable the production of a permeate with purity degrees of 3 ÷ 30 microsiemens.

Our plants are available from 90 litres/hour and up to 10,000 litres/hour and more flow rates. They are equipped with  Antiscalant dosing and Sanitisation systems, useful for consistent membrane performance and maintenance over time.

They are built on stainless steel skids and all machine functions are managed by PLCs which are programmable and visible on a large touch screen panel.

Systems are supplied complete with a tank for the collection of desalinated water produced, flushing systems and preparation tank for chemical solutions used for membrane rinsing.

Ultrafiltration plants

ITALPLANT also designs and produces Ultrafiltration plants fitted with special membranes, capable of eliminating pollution of bacterial and organic origin (viruses, cysts, bacteria, parasites) and more in general, to remove all agents which cause turbidity in tap, well, river or industrial process water.

Ultrafiltration guarantees the retention of 99.999% of bacterial and organic pollution contained in water requiring treatment.

Unlike osmosis membranes, the discharge of polluting substances is discontinuous, cyclically and automatically managed based on increases in operating pressure. When set limit values are exceeded, the U.F. membrane rinsing phase is activated  to enable the purging of separated organic substances.

Chemical membrane rinsing can also be set cyclically, according to time or volume, to guarantee full cleaning and maintain efficiency over time.

Plants provided by ITALPLANT consist of one or more Ultrafiltration modules, with operating flow rates from 2,500 litres/hour. They are built on stainless steel skids and all machine functions are managed by PLCs which are programmable and displayed on a large touch screen panel.

They are completed by filtered water collection tanks, necessary for the rinsing phases and for the preparation of chemical membrane rinsing solutions.