Special resin lines

ITALPLANT builds Resin Lines for Special applications which are different from traditional Ion Exchange Resin lines due to the type of application and specific characteristics of resins used.

These plants are used to capture and/or recover heavy metals or precious metals, or for the purification of process baths from pollutants or for the treatment of groundwater contaminated by hazardous substances.

Therefore they are special plants, designed and built according to precise analytic data and supported by periodic controls and meticulous laboratory checks.

Selective Resin Lines

Are normally used for the treatment of outlet water coming from a chemical-physical treatment process. Although such water is treated and clarified, it can still present values above legal limits, especially for heavy metals such as nickel, copper and zinc, thus conditioning direct discharge into a receiving body.

The application of a Selective Resin lines type Chelante enables the reduction of heavy metal levels in treated waters to below legal limits, which means water can be discharged in drains or in a surface water body.

As for other Ion Exchange Resin lines, once spent, resins require regeneration with acid and alkaline solutions.

This particular type of resin system is applicable in the metal finishing industry:

  • to guarantee the quality of waste water generated by the chemical-physical process
  • to recover metals, for example the recycling of Copper
  • for the removal of metal ions from galvanic baths
  • in Hydrometallurgy

Selective Resin Lines for Precious Metals

are used to recover precious metals in rinsing processes downstream from chemical baths, such as gold, platinum, palladium… Single-special resins are capable of capturing and recovering up to 50 g/l of precious metal. The recovery of precious material occurs by incinerating spent resin (an operation carried out by specialised companies).

Resin Lines for Acid Recovery

they are normally used for the maintenance of Anodic Oxidation baths (but also for spend baths and acid solutions in general), acid recovery plants enable bath purification, returning dissolved aluminium levels to below permitted values for the normal production process.

Consequently they maintain the bath in optimal operating conditions, with benefits in terms of production quality and bath maintenance costs.


All Special Resin Lines produced by ITALPLANT are based on the use of single actuated command valves managed by PLC for the operation of processing phases, a reliable and durable solution over time, proof of quality construction.