Closed circuit plants

The construction of purification plants with total recovery of waste water deriving from production processes is and in the future will increasingly be the optimal solution for saving the most valuable resource on our planet: water.

Elaborating a closed-circuit project or zero discharge project requires professionalism,  competence and meticulous development in order to accurately identify and define the different characteristics of waste substances coming from the production process, their volumes and quantities, so as to apply the best treatment plant technology.

The purpose is to re-obtain good quality water for reuse in the production process, and to reduce waste water volume down to a minimum, as it  requires conferral for external disposal.

The combination of different technologies, machinery and parts (evaporators, resin installations, osmosis and ultrafiltration plants, etc.), combined with our experience, enables us to achieve this important objective: “the construction of a closed-circuit purification process”, reducing water consumption and the environmental impact of the production process down to a minimum.